Registration Open for 2020 Sustainable Tourism Course for Small Island Policy-Makers

Are you a policy-maker or destination manager in a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) interested in learning more about sustainable tourism management? Then be sure to join us for the second run of the online learning course “Sustainable Tourism for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) – Policy-Maker edition” which will take place from October 12th to November 29th 2020!
Eco Hotel Summit

Eco Hotel Summit: A Sustainable Event For Our Times

Are you a professional working in the green tourism sector? If so, be sure to join us on July 27-31 for the Eco Hotel Summit, a new 5-day online event that will focus on taking your eco accommodation operations and sustainability to the next level! This event is being put on by the Eco Resort Network, World of Glamping and No Footprint Consulting, and a percentage of proceeds will be donated to Sustainable Travel International! 

Rhino and birds in Africa

How Tourism Benefits Nature and Wildlife

The Great Barrier Reef. Yellowstone. The Amazon Rainforest. One of the top reasons that tourists are drawn to destinations such as these is because of their rich biodiversity and unique landscapes. 

According to Brand USA, 2 of the top 5 motivators for selecting vacation spots are ecotourism and nature. Wanderlusters are seeking experiences that reflect the true essence of the places they are visiting. In other words, they want to visit places with unspoiled environments and thriving native wildlife.

We often hear about all of the ways that humans are destroying wild places and jeopardizing the health of the planet – and rightfully so. Over 75% of land environments have been severely altered by humans and species are facing extinction at up to 1000x the natural rate. While there’s no denying that irresponsible tourism contributes to this devastation, we shouldn’t overlook the important role that sustainable and well-managed tourism plays in advancing conservation and protecting our world’s treasured ecosystems. These benefits have only been further evidenced by the current COVID-19 crisis and the resulting halt in tourism.