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Tourism Supports the MesoAmerican Reef and Surrounding Communities

  • MesoAmerican Reef
    The tropical climate and white sand beaches along the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula have given rise to a tourism industry that draws millions of visitors each year.
  • Cruise Ships Passengers Sunbathing On Magens Bay In Saint Thomas
    A steady flow of tourists and migrant workers seeking employment has put significant pressure on the fragile MesoAmerican Reef — the longest reef in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Fishing Net in MARTI
    A group of representatives from local NGOs, businesses and the state government established the MesoAmerican Reef Tourism Initiative, MARTI, in 2006 to protect the threatened reef and the interests of the two million people who rely on the it for their income, cultural identity and livelihoods.
  • Loggerhead Sea Turtle in MAR Region
    Now in its 10th year, MARTI is a good example of the potential of a collaborative approach to destination stewardship.
  • Caribbean Resort Hotel
    Sustainable Travel International serves as the secretariat for MARTI, facilitating continued partner development and funding for the initiative. Additionally, we are helping communities in the Riviera Maya develop projects that will help improve the overall sustainability of tourism in the region.
  • Amigos de Sian Ka'an
    Local NGO Amigos de Sian Ka’an, a MARTI member, has pushed through local zoning plans to help protect fragile ecosystems while limiting over-development from tourism.
  • MARTI waste management
    Waste management is a growing concern in the MARTI region. The Coral Reef Alliance is working on improving Roatan’s connection to municipal water and sewer systems.

Skål International Partners with Sustainable Travel International To Improve 10 Million Lives and Protect Places Through Travel and Tourism

Skål International Partners with Sustainable Travel International To Improve 10 Million Lives and Protect Places Through Travel and Tourism

NEW YORK, June 20, 2015 –  Skål International, the world’s largest multi-discipline travel and tourism organization, has endorsed Sustainable Travel International’s 10 MILLION BETTER campaign, which aims to monitor and scale up social and environmental benefits from travel and tourism, and to protect the resources on which the industry depends.

The initiative convenes leading tourism corporations, organizations, and destinations around the goal of tracking and demonstrating improvements in the lives of at least 10 million people and their families by 2025, including growth in income and opportunity, and better protection of destinations’ natural, cultural and heritage sites. To enable travel and tourism destinations and businesses to track and share their progress and demonstrate collective impact, the campaign is developing an open-source Impact Monitoring System.

Skål International and Sustainable Travel International’s expressed their partnership and commitment to achieving these goals in a Memorandum of Understanding released today. Skål International brings to the campaign its membership drawn from all parts of the industry, including clubs in 85 countries, their member contacts within local and national governments and a vast network of in-depth local knowledge.

“Skål International represents one of the biggest reservoirs of knowledge and cooperation in the industry,” said Nigel Pilkington, Skål’s Senior Vice President and Director, PR & Communications / Business Affairs. “Our reach can help scale up this effort and help the campaign meet its goals.  We’re committed to helping our members improve lives and protect places, both because it’s the right thing to do, and because it will allow tourism businesses and destinations to remain relevant, competitive and attractive to the large and growing consumer segment that values transparency and accountability.”

In committing to the 10 MILLION BETTER campaign, Skål International joins other industry leaders including Carlson, Delaware North, Intrepid Travel, Sierra Club, and Starwood. The Sustainable Travel Leadership Network and Sustainable Destination Leadership Network—which include brands like A&K, Globus, Finnair, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and United Airlines—have also committed to the campaign.

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For more information on 10 MILLION BETTER, please visit Sustainable Travel International’s website at www.sustainabletravel.org.

For more information on Skal International visit their website at www.skal.org.



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In Auckland: Nigel Pilkington, [email protected]  +64 9 445 4351


Tourism Impact Monitoring Climbs the International Agenda

Last week in Washington, DC, the World Bank’s Sustainable Tourism Global Solutions Group organized a high-level meeting on “Measuring for Impact: Convening Thought Leaders in Tourism,” with support from Sustainable Travel International. Besides the World Bank and us, participants included the United Nations Environmental Programme, the World Economic Forum, the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Travel and Tourism Council, industry leaders such as Wyndham Resorts and PwC, the world’s largest professional services firm, as well as the World Wildlife Fund and Harvard, Cornell and George Washington Universities.