Carbon Footprint Measurement for Businesses

Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step to understanding and reducing your company’s climate change impact. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment or a do-it-yourself tool, our carbon measurement solutions will help you start your climate journey and evaluate progress along the way.

Infographic of tour operator carbon footprint including scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions

Carefully Designed Carbon Footprinting Methodology

Our carbon footprinting methodology is based on decades of experience in tourism, carbon management, and sustainability. Our carbon measurement solutions are designed to account for travel-related emissions like guest and employee flights, transfers, hotel stays, excursions, events, and even entire trips. Our expertise also extends to more fundamental business emissions including office operations and shipping. Our methodology was developed with ESG reporting requirements in mind and is compliant with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064, the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

Solutions Built for Business

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Carbon Footprint Assessment

Need help measuring your company’s carbon footprint? We’ll conduct a custom assessment that is tailored to your company’s carbon accounting needs.

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Use Our Travel Carbon Calculator

Use our online carbon footprint calculator to calculate travel-related emissions from commercial and charter flights, vehicles, cruises, liveaboards, and boating.

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Tour Carbon Footprinting Tool

Designed for tour operators, this free tool can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of each tour or vacation package, as well as your total annual footprint.


Event Carbon Footprinting Tool

This free tool can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of your conferences, tradeshows, and other events. Use it before the event to get an estimate, or afterwards to measure the actual footprint.

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Add a Calculator to Your Website

Enable your customers to calculate their travel emissions by adding a custom version of our carbon footprint calculator to your website. The calculator also offers an option to purchase carbon offsets.

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Carbon Measurement API

Integrate your online booking system or travel management software with our Measurement API to automatically calculate the carbon footprint of each trip. Our API can also power carbon offsetting.

Carbon Footprint Measurement Basics

Just getting started with carbon footprint measurement? Read our blog post to learn about the different types of carbon emissions that contribute to your company’s carbon footprint.

Our Expertise

We have 15+ years of experience helping companies take climate action. 

Tour Operators

Corporate Travel

Events & Festivals


Shipping Providers

Private Jet Charters

Who We Work With

From global tour operators to shipping providers, we’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes mitigate their carbon footprint.

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More Ways to Take Action

Looking to take the next step in your climate action journey? Click below to learn more about our other climate solutions for businesses. 


Your emissions by adopting sustainable practices


Your remaining emissions to support climate projects


Your positive impact and raise climate awareness

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