Climate Education and Communications

Inspire collective climate action by actively engaging your stakeholders throughout your climate journey. Build employee enthusiasm by raising awareness and placing them at the center of your climate efforts. Use your reach to educate consumers on how they can make a difference. Share your sustainability story to appeal to eco-conscious consumers and investors.

Climate change awareness

Raise awareness about the threat of climate change and the importance of taking action.

Climate-friendly practices

Encourage the adoption of travel and business practices that are beneficial for the planet.

Demystifying carbon offsets

Explain what carbon offsetting is and the role that climate finance plays in global climate action.

Communicating your impact

Showcase the positive impact of your carbon offset program and climate action initiatives.

Our Solutions

Employee Training

Training courses or webinars to educate your employees about topics like tourism’s contribution to climate change, the business case for sustainable tourism, carbon reduction strategies, and how carbon offsets work.

Educational Resources

Content about climate change and sustainable travel that you can share with your customers, employees, and suppliers. This includes fact sheets, best practice checklists, decarbonization guides, and articles.

Communications Toolkit

Designed to help you communicate the impact of your carbon offset program. This includes tips for crafting compelling messages as well as marketing assets, including sample press releases, carbon offset project photos, and more.

Take Holistic Climate Action

Along with raising climate awareness, it’s important to take steps to mitigate your organization’s carbon footprint. We support companies at all stages of their climate action journey. Click below to learn more about our how we can help you work towards net zero emissions.


The carbon footprint of your business emissions


Your emissions by adopting sustainable practices


Your remaining emissions to support climate projects

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