Carbon APIs

We publish a series of APIs—a carbon measurement API and a carbon offsets API—that enable your business to understand your carbon footprint and take action to mitigate your impact.

We work with a wide ranges of businesses from online travel agencies to tour operators to corporate travel managers (TMCs).

carbon offset api

How Our APIs Work


Measure Carbon Emissions

Our Measurement API uses our proprietary methodology to measure emissions generated by core components of travel, including: flights, vehicles, trains, boats, hotels, and meals. A simple-to-integrate, speedy set of endpoints allows you to send us your travel data and receive back a CO2 footprint in metric tons.

Purchase Carbon Offsets

Our Transactional API allows clients to purchase carbon offsets from our best-in-class portfolio of climate projects, and track their footprint down to carbon neutral. Call our portfolio description and allocation, onboard clients, and purchase carbon offsets, all through a series of easy-to-use endpoints.

Use Cases

Backend office solutions for travel agencies and tour operators

Booking engines and shopping carts

Third-party BI dashboards

More Ways to Offset Carbon

Contribute to the Climate

Give back a percentage of your sales to offset carbon.

Offset a Specific Amount

Offset a pre-determined amount of CO2.

Travel Carbon Calculator

Calculate and offset flights, vehicles, and boat travel.

Embeddable Calculator

Add a carbon calculator to your website.

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