Carbon Offset Projects

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Carbon Offset Projects

We carefully vet all of our carbon offset projects to ensure that we only support high quality projects that truly reduce CO2 emissions and deliver meaningful impacts.

Quality Assurance & Verification

All of our projects meet rigorous standards to ensure that they are scientifically proven to help mitigate climate change by reducing carbon pollution.

Benefits for Nature & People

We only select projects that provide benefits beyond CO2 reduction, such as protecting biodiversity or creating opportunities for local communities.

Sustainable Development Goals

We want our carbon offset program to contribute to sustainability on a global level. That’s why all of our projects align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What Our Projects Support

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, our projects support one or multiple of the following causes.

Bird in Trees

Forests & Biodiversity

Our forestry projects protect, restore, and improve sustainable management of forest ecosystems. Safeguarding these ecologically-rich habitats plays a vital role in carbon sequestration, while conserving biodiversity.

Wind farm turbines

Clean & Efficient Energy

Energy projects decrease carbon generated from energy use. Clean energy projects fund renewable energy infrastructure, while efficiency projects support the application of new technologies or practices that lessen energy use.

Mangrove blue carbon ecosystem

Coastal Blue Carbon

Our blue carbon projects protect important coastal ecosystems that store substantial amounts of carbon. Along with sequestering carbon, these ecosystems protect communities from harmful climate impacts and provide habitats for marine life.

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Local Communities

Our offset projects also lead to valuable benefits for local communities. For instance, projects may create new jobs, protect traditional livelihoods and land rights, improve health and sanitation, or fund much-needed community services. 

Our Projects

Select a project from our portfolio below to learn about its benefits for nature, people, and the planet. 

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