Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offsets

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change.

A round trip flight from San Francisco to Paris can produce just over 1.25 metric tons of carbon emissions. That’s over a quarter of the amount of carbon that the average person worldwide produces per year – just from one round trip flight.

Every time you fly on a plane, stay in a hotel, ride in a taxi, or create waste, carbon emissions are being generated.  While there are many ways that you can and should minimize your carbon footprint while traveling – from turning off the air conditioner to renting electric vehiclesno matter how sustainable your travel habits are, certain carbon emissions are unavoidable. That’s where carbon offsetting comes in. 

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions to compensate for emissions that were produced elsewhere

How do carbon offsets work?

Carbon Emissions from Travel

Every time you travel, you generate carbon emissions throughout your trip from flying, lodging, transportation, and other activities.

Purchase Offsets

To compensate for your travel footprint, you can purchase carbon offset credits equivalent to the amount of emissions you were responsible for. We’ll invest your credits in certified carbon reduction projects.

Carbon Reduction

Projects reduce carbon dioxide by capturing/storing existing CO2 or preventing new emissions from happening. For example, one project might establish a wind farm that generates clean energy, while another may plant trees that absorb carbon

Benefits for Nature and People

Projects may provide benefits that go beyond carbon reduction, such as protecting forests and the biodiversity within, or creating opportunities for communities to better their livelihoods and health.

How can travelers offset their footprint?

Travel with an environmentally responsible tour operator that offsets trip emissions on the behalf of travelers

Many airlines have carbon offsetting programs that travelers can opt to use

Calculate and offset your carbon footprint independently by using our online carbon calculator

Offset your Travel Footprint

Calculate and offset the carbon footprint of your flight in seconds via our online carbon calculator! Already know your carbon footprint? Click the option to “offset now.”

What will my offset contribution support?

When you offset your footprint through Sustainable Travel International, your contribution will be invested in third-party certified carbon reduction projects that combat climate change. In addition to reducing emissions, these projects support one or multiple of the following causes.

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Forests & Biodiversity

Forest-based offset projects protect forest ecosystems which play a vital role in carbon sequestration. These projects support the preservation and reforestation of native forest species, while promoting sustainable resource management. They also contribute to wildlife conservation by safeguarding habitats that are home to endangered species and immense biodiversity.

Wind farm turbines

Clean & Efficient Energy

Clean energy and energy efficiency projects decrease the amount of carbon emissions generated from energy use. Clean energy projects replace dirty fossil fuels like gas and coal with renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar. On the other hand, efficiency projects reduce the amount of energy needed to perform a task by supporting the application of new technologies or practices.

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Carbon projects can also lead to valuable benefits for local communities by creating jobs or protecting traditional livelihoods and land rights. Communities can use the funds from carbon credits to advance their health care and education services. In addition, certain projects enhance community well-being by improving air quality and providing access to safe drinking water. 

Our impact and experience

Sustainable Travel International connects individuals and businesses with carbon offset projects that are third-party verified for meeting rigorous criteria, ensuring that results are real and measurable and that projects provide community benefits and support biodiversity conservation.

Since 2007, we have helped individuals and companies offset over


metric tons of CO2e

which is equivalent to


tree seedlings grown for 10 years


cars not on the road for a year


gallons of gasoline not consumed


homes not using electricity for one year

Create a carbon program for your business

Sustainable Travel International works with businesses to design custom-tailored carbon offset programs that take the burden of offsetting off of your customers.

Carbon reduction projects

Our carbon offset portfolio includes forest conservation, ecosystem restoration, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and household devices projects around the globe. Select a project below to learn more.

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