Carbon Offsets for Businesses

Carbon Offsets for Businesses

Many of the activities that keep your business running can also have an impact on the planet. While carbon reduction should always be the top priority, no matter how green you are, certain emissions remain unavoidable. Our carbon offset solutions make it simple to mitigate your environmental footprint while also contributing to global climate action.

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Business Carbon Offset Program

From measuring your emissions to finding verified projects, we’ll create a carbon offset program that’s perfectly tailored to your business model.

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Contribute to the Climate

Make a difference with every dollar sold. Give back a percentage of your sales to offset carbon and support impactful climate projects. 

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Offset a Specific Amount

Already know your carbon footprint? Offset by metric ton online or contact us to learn about our discounted rates for bulk carbon offset purchases. 

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Calculate & Offset Online

Use our online carbon calculator to calculate and offset emissions from air travel, charter flights, vehicles, cruises, and boat travel in just a few clicks.

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Add Calculator to Your Website

Give your customers the ability to calculate and offset their emissions by embedding a custom version of our calculator on your own website – no coding required!

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Carbon Offsets API

Integrate carbon offsetting directly into your online checkout or internal systems. Our API automatically calculates the footprint of each transaction, and purchases verified carbon offsets.

High impact carbon offset projects

We carefully vet every carbon offset project we support, ensuring they comply not only with the most rigorous standards for carbon offsetting but deliver benefits beyond CO2 reductions. In addition to fighting climate change, our projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and provide benefits for local communities.

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Forests & Biodiversity

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Clean & Efficient Energy

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Local Communities 

Our expertise

We have 15+ years of experience helping companies offset the climate impact of their guest and employee travel, office operations, events, and shipping.

Tour Operators

Corporate Travel

Events & Festivals



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Private Jet Charters

From global tour operators to shipping providers, we’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes offset their carbon footprint.

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Not your typical carbon offset company

We’re more than a carbon offset company – we’re a mission-driven organization.

Carbon offsetting is just part of our efforts to transform tourism’s impact on nature and people around the world. Since 2002, we’ve worked in more than 100 destinations, fostering responsible travel practices and empowering local communities. When you choose to offset with us, you’re also supporting our broader sustainability mission.

The best carbon offsets for travel

We’ve been recognized as the best carbon offset provider for travel and tourism by leading publications.


Why should your business offset its carbon footprint?

Read our blog post to discover why offsetting is not only beneficial for the environment, but also a smart business decision!

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Take holistic climate action

We believe the buck doesn’t stop with carbon offsets. That’s why we support companies at all stages of their climate action journey. Click below to learn more about our other climate solutions for businesses. 


The carbon footprint of your business emissions


Your emissions by adopting sustainable practices


Your positive impact and raise climate awareness

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