Carbon Offsets for Hotel Stays

As travelers become more mindful of their impacts, they are searching for eco-friendly hotels that are doing their part for the planet. Whether you’re a luxury resort or mom-and-pop guest house, our carbon offset programs provide a simple way to green your hotel stays and attract sustainable travelers. 

Choose the Solution That's Right for Your Hotel

We provide a range of carbon mitigation solutions that are built for hotels. Select an option to learn more.  

Carbon Neutral Hotel Stays

We’ll help you calculate the carbon footprint of your room nights. Offset your property’s entire footprint or offer carbon neutral hotel stays.

Contribute to the Climate

Make a difference with every trip sold. Give back a percentage of your sales or let customers add on a contribution to offset carbon.

Add a Calculator to Your Website

Give your guests the ability to calculate and offset their transport emissions by embedding our carbon calculator on your website – no coding required!

You're in Good Company

From major hotel groups to boutique B&Bs, accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes trust Sustainable Travel International. 

Wyndham Worldwide
Villa Rental Partners
Cranmore Inn
Little House Republic
The Carolina Experience

Support our Climate Impact Portfolio

When you offset carbon, you’ll support our diverse, global portfolio of forestry, energy, blue/teal carbon, and innovative tech projects. 

Forests & Biodiversity

Clean & Efficient Energy

Blue & Teal Carbon

Innovative Climate Tech

Handpicked to Maximize Your Impact

We carefully vet every project that we include in our portfolio to ensure they create real, measurable emissions reductions and meaningful impacts.

Third-Party Verified

All projects are independently verified by stringent carbon standards, such as the gold standard and verified carbon standard. These standards ensure emissions reductions are achieved by evaluating criteria such as additionality, permanence, and leakage.

Our Due Diligence

We go beyond the baseline requirements, vetting each project via our own due diligence process to ensure its credibility. This includes verifying that the project is in good standing, reviewing its reputation in the press, and obtaining evidence of impact.

Benefits for Nature & People

We seek out projects that provide added social and environmental benefits that go beyond CO2 reduction and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For instance, protecting biodiversity, strengthening indigenous land rights, improving sanitation, or creating local jobs.

Meet the growing demand for sustainable hotels


of travelers intend to stay in a sustainable property in the coming year.


of travelers are committed to reducing or offsetting the carbon footprint of their trip.


of travelers would be more likely to choose an accommodation if it has sustainability practices.

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