Contribute to the Climate

Our Contribute to the Climate program is an easy way to offset carbon and invest in the future of the planet. Simply give back a percentage of your company’s sales or let customers add on an offset contribution to support carbon reduction projects. Join now and watch your impact grow. 

Here's How It Works

1. Choose how much to contribute

Decide if you will contribute a percentage of your sales or give your customers the option to add a contribution onto their purchase. As a starting point, we recommend a 1% contribution. The dollar amount that you contribute will determine how much CO2 you offset.

2. Offset carbon throughout the year

Offset carbon on a monthly basis or via spot purchases. Use our Contribute to the Climate calculator to purchase offsets online, or sign up for an automated subscription plan based on your sales projections. You’ll receive a certificate verifying your purchase.

3. Support a diverse mix of climate projects

Every quarter, we’ll distribute your offset dollars across a mixed portfolio of climate projects. To help you showcase your impact, we’ll send you a marketing toolkit with details about the projects you supported, including photos and communications assets.

Maximize the impact of your climate contribution

Throughout the year, your carbon offset purchases will support our carefully curated portfolio of climate projects. This includes a mix of forestry, energy, and blue carbon projects located around the world. One month you might help fund the protection of the Amazon rainforest and a wind farm project in the United States; and another month, the distribution of clean cookstoves in Africa and peat swamp conservation in Indonesia.

To maximize the impact of your contribution, we handpick every project that we include in our portfolio. Projects are carefully vetted to ensure they comply not only with the most rigorous standards for carbon offsetting but also our own due diligence process. In addition to fighting climate change, our projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by creating transformative benefits like improved hygiene, new jobs, increased food security, and flourishing wildlife habitats.

More Ways to Offset Carbon

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Travel Carbon Calculator

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Offset a Specific Amount

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Embeddable Calculator

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Carbon Offsets API

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