Power carbon offsetting with our ready-to-use travel carbon footprint calculator

Give your customers the ability to calculate and offset their carbon footprint – directly on your website. Our embeddable carbon footprint calculator is free to use and specifically designed for high emissions travel activities such as flying, driving, and cruising.

Adding our carbon footprint calculator to your website is easy and free.

1. Get Your Calculator

Use our iFrame generator to create and customize your calculator. Adjust the color scheme to match your brand and choose which sections to display.

2. Embed It on Your Website

Your customers will be able to use your calculator to calculate their travel emissions and purchase offsets from Sustainable Travel International.

3. Grow Your Impact

Carbon offset purchases support verified carbon reduction projects that conserve forests, generate clean energy, support communities, and more.

A powerful tool built for maximum usability and impact

Quick, Simple Setup

Get your calculator up and running in minutes. Simply use our iFrame generator to create a calculator that can be embedded on any page of your website.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

The calculator utilizes the latest methodologies to calculate emissions generated by flights, vehicles, cruises, private jets, and boat trips.

Carbon Offset Purchasing

After calculating their carbon footprint, users can buy carbon offsets from Sustainable Travel International to balance out their footprint.

Customizable Interface

Quickly customize your calculator without writing any code. Change the color scheme and choose which travel activities you want to display.

Secure Payment Processing

Users can rest assured that their transactions are secure. All payments are processed by PCI-compliant payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal.

Optimized for Mobile

The calculator is responsive, meaning it adapts to any size of screen display. This makes it easy for users to offset their footprint while on the go.

Impactful Climate Projects

Carbon offset purchases support verified carbon reduction projects that conserve forests, generate clean energy, and support local communities.

Personalized Certificates

Users who purchase carbon offsets will receive a personalized certificate that includes their name along with the amount of CO2 they offset.

More Ways to Offset Carbon

Go Carbon Neutral

Offset 100% of emissions from trips, hotel stays, and more

Contribute to the Climate

Give back a percentage of your sales to offset carbon.

Offset a Specific Amount

Offset a pre-determined amount of CO2.

Travel Carbon Calculator

Calculate and offset flights, vehicles, and boat travel.

Carbon Offsets API

Integrate with our API to power carbon offsetting.

Get Your Embeddable Carbon Calculator