Carbon Footprint

Need help calculating the carbon footprint of your business activities? Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ve developed a bespoke carbon footprinting methodology that can be adapted to your particular business operations or visitor journey.

1. Decide what to measure

Our assessments are built around your company’s unique carbon accounting needs. We can calculate the carbon footprint of tours, corporate travel, hotel operations, flights, car rentals, private jets and yacht charters, cruises, events, shipping, and other business activities. 

2. Send us your data

We’ll provide an easy-to-use template for you to input data related to your main emission sources. Data requirements vary from one business to the next, but could include flight itineraries, distance traveled, amount of electricity or fuel consumed, venue size, etc. 

3. We’ll calculate your emissions

We’ll measure your carbon footprint utilizing the latest calculation methodologies. You’ll receive a detailed report that provides your total carbon footprint and breaks down your emissions by travel activity, department, fiscal quarter, etc. Our methodology was developed with ESG reporting requirements in mind and is compliant with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064, the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

4. Translate your results to action

Our carbon footprint assessments are intended to help you take climate action. Use your results to report your emissions to your stakeholders, define reduction strategies, measure your progress over time, or purchase carbon offsets to go carbon neutral. 

More Carbon Measurement Solutions

Tour Footprinting Tool

Calculate the per person footprint of different vacation packages.

Event Carbon Footprinting Tool

Calculate the footprint of your conference, tradeshow, or other event.

Travel Carbon Calculator

Calculate emissions from flights, vehicles, and boat travel.

Embeddable Calculator

Add a carbon calculator to your website to enable customers to calculate their footprint.

Carbon Measurement API

Integrate with our API to power carbon calculations for flights, vehicles, and boats.

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