Climate Impact Update – Q4 2023 and 2024 Portfolio 1

In Q4 2023 our network supported four climate projects through our carbon offset program. These projects are also included in our first "real-time" portfolio, available starting in January 2024. Read on to learn more about the impact these projects are creating for the climate, communities, and biodiversity.

In the past, we shared the carbon offset projects you supported after you purchased them, at the end of the quarter. Starting in January 2024, whenever you offset carbon you can view the exact portfolio of projects that your purchase will support in real-time, providing instant transparency on where your dollars go. 

Carbon offsets purchased in Q4 of 2023 were distributed across the following portfolio of forestry, energy, innovative climate technology, and blue/teal carbon projects. These projects are also included in our first portfolio of 2024 – our inaugural real-time portfolio. Keep an eye out as we adjust the portfolio throughout the year, adding in new projects to maximize your reach and impact. 

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) by Project Type

A donut chart that shows the breakdown of Sustainable Travel International's 2023 Q4 Climate Impact Portfolio

Impact in Numbers

Altogether, these projects are accelerating the net zero transition by: 

white forest icon

Preventing the loss of 467,000 acres of carbon-rich tropical ecosystems

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Generating 370 GWh of clean energy yearly instead of burning fossil fuels

Creating 498,000+ liters of biochar that removes carbon and locks it underground

Restoring over 11,000 acres of peat swamp forest by planting native trees

Explore the Projects

Our Q4 2023 portfolio and Portfolio 1 of 2024 were composed of four climate projects: Elpitiya Biochar, Larimar Wind, Envira Amazonia, and Katingan Mentaya.

Read on to learn more about each of these projects and how they are catalyzing climate action around the world.

Innovative Technology

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s renowned agricultural heritage is a significant source of economic growth and tourism appeal. However, producing tea and other products also generates large amounts of waste, typically burned, resulting in CO2 emissions. The Elpitiya Biochar project avoids burning crop waste by transforming it into biochar, a charcoal-like substance that creates permanent carbon removals. Farmers can also use or sell biochar as an organic soil additive to reduce chemical pollution, increase income, and improve crop yields.


Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s booming tourism industry consumes a hefty amount of energy, with fossil fuels accounting for most of the supply. Set in a less developed part of the country, the Larimar Wind Farm utilizes the breezes that blow in from the sea to generate clean, grid electricity. By creating local employment and improving education, job skills, health, and safety, the project fights the inequalities that all too often affect rural communities. The Larimar Wind Farm reduces the over reliance of imported fossil fuels and provides clean energy to homes in the Dominican Republic.

Tree icon green



Located in the Brazilian state of Acre, the Envira Amazonia Project is protecting an area of tropical forest that would have otherwise been converted for lumber harvesting and cattle ranching. The avoided deforestation prevents emissions and maintains critical habitat for wildlife, while improving the livelihoods of communities living in the vicinity.

Blue/Teal Carbon


The Katingan Mentaya project is protecting and restoring one of the largest remaining peat swamp forests in Indonesia. Massive stores of carbon are locked away beneath the swamp’s surface, while the aboveground forest is home to over 5% of all remaining Bornean orangutans. The project also enhances the quality of life of rural communities by creating livelihood opportunities, formalizing land rights, and improving public services.

Offset Carbon to Support Our Climate Impact Portfolio

When you offset carbon with us, you’ll support our Climate Impact Portfolio. Though particular projects vary from one quarter to the next, our portfolio always includes a mix of forestry, energy, blue/teal carbon, and innovation projects.

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