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Can Luxury Travel Be Sustainable?

For many people, traveling goes hand-in-hand with enjoying the finer things in life, whether that be private tours, tasting menus, or relaxing at a lush resort. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a push towards sustainability throughout the travel industry in terms of environmental and socio-cultural responsibility.

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How To Make Business Travel More Sustainable

Business travel is having a resurgence as the COVID-19 pandemic slows down and in-person events have resumed. Professionals are enjoying face-to-face collaboration and networking after several years of working remotely. In fact, 32% of consumers are planning to travel for business in 2023. 

As organizations resume regular business travel, it brings up questions of sustainability and ethics. How should we reduce our impact on the environment while traveling for business? How can we be mindful of the communities we’re visiting and have a positive impact?

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Sustainable Travel International announces second season of SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: WHERE NEXT? documentary series to debut in September 2023

SEATTLE, WA (January 26, 2023) – Today, Sustainable Travel International officially announced that they will be releasing a second season of their Sustainable Travel: Where Next? documentary series. The new season of the sustainable travel series is set to release in September 2023 on World Tourism Day. 

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Skåne: Sustainable Food

How do you make restaurant food from waste? How do you farm food in the middle of a city? Do you really have to work weekends in the restaurant business? What does it mean to unite under a one woman, one vote enterprise that helps immigrant women in Skåne find work? With the help of Tourism in Skåne, we visited businesses and social enterprises to answer these questions and discover the people who work and run sustainable food businesses and economic sustainable projects.

Four stories of people who have succeeded despite the odds. The challenges, highs and lows, the warmth and friendship, in a business that is traditionally cut-throat and non-progressive. How do we stop wasting food and how can we help each other to be economically independent, to have a work life balance that really means something? People want change, but how can we connect you and me and make the world of food sustainable for future generations?

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Oslo: Leading The Way In Sustainability

Capital cities aren’t usually the first places you’d think of when it comes to green, clean, pollution-free spaces. Luckily, some cities like Oslo are making sustainability a top priority.

As one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe, with tourist arrivals nearly doubling in the last 10 years, Oslo’s reputation as a green city is due to a lot more than its many parks and surrounding forests. Oslo has pledged to become a carbon neutral city by 2030, and this film highlights how urban planners, politicians, and businesses of different kinds work hard to ensure a sustainable future for the destination and its people.

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