Svalbard: Adventure Close to the North Pole

In promoting tourism close to the North Pole, Visit Svalbard is not trying to attract more visitors. What they’re all about these days is attracting the RIGHT sort of visitors.

By the right sort of people, what they’re talking about is – pausing. A bit like the moment you first take in that famous Arctic Silence for the first time.



Before you plan your visit, consider the great untouched wilderness and its growing part in our global story – as it shrinks.

To intrude further; to roam deeper might be – no… is certainly now unwise.

This is a changed and changing environment far beyond the obvious fading of the ice. With climate change, mountainsides have turned green, creatures – from the microscopic to birdlife – are visiting anew, or staying for longer. And each of these small changes, each disturbance of this ancient ecosystem will have consequences.

So, how to do it right? How can we be visitors that can experience all of this wonderful wilderness while limiting, or removing, impact?

In this film we hear from guides, visitors, a scientist and from Visit Svalbard itself – all sharing their experiences of how staying close to the town of Longyearbyen and joining organized activities can make a truly significant difference – while maintaining all of the richness, wonder and challenge you could wish for. And all of that hosted by a surprisingly international, undeniably colorful, warm and welcoming community.

Funded by Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund.

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