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Sustainable Travel: Where Next? Documentary Series Promo

Watch the promo video for the upcoming short-form documentary series “Sustainable Travel: Where Next?” which will be released by Sustainable Travel International, Zinc Media Group, and Sublime Magazine on World Tourism Day in September 2022. “Sustainable Travel: Where Next?” will investigate how the tourism industry is coming together to rebuild a more sustainable future and protect the destinations and communities at the heart of travel.

Demystifying Carbon Offsets Webinar

It can be difficult to sift through all the information about carbon offsetting to figure out how it fits into your journey as a sustainable traveler. During this webinar, our very own Paloma Zapata and Kaitlyn Brajcich demystify carbon offsetting and discuss the role it plays in being a climate conscious traveler. Watch this recording to learn more about how carbon offsetting works and what to think about when offsetting your carbon footprint.

This event was streamed live on April 8, 2021.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

We support individuals and businesses in calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint.

Your Destination is a Story

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    People tell stories; great stories become myths because they allow audiences to aspire to a basic value.
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    We moved from an oral tradition of storytelling to a broadcast era where ideas spread in one direction.
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    We’re now in a digital era where everyone spreads ideas and tells stories; the best survive over time.
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    Great marketing stories don’t sell products. Marlboro ads didn’t sell cigarettes; they sold manliness at a time when filtered cigarettes were for women.
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    In the best stories, the hero goes on a journey, meets a mentor who gives him a talisman and sends him off on an adventure to seek a truth.
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    In successful marketing, stories empower their audiences.
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    In traditional broadcast marketing, the focus is on the brand—its accomplishments.
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    But engaging stories make the audience the hero by giving them something to aspire to.
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    You can share all the great sustainability stuff that you’re doing. But that’s not a story that’s going to stick with your audience.
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    A very successful Dove soap campaign didn’t focus on the product’s cleaning power; it engaged women around their feelings about self-image and self-worth.
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    Values are the essence of what your brand stands for.
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    The nonprofit Charity Water stands for water as the basis of life.
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    This Nike campaign was not about running shoes but inner strength.
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    Patagonia takes the audience on the sustainability journey; they don’t claim that they’re doing everything perfectly. Sustainability is a journey.
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    Airbnb’s campaign is about the essential goodness of people.
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    What is a value that you can share about your brand?
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