Graphic showing Kuso Travel Technology's carbon offsetting partnership using Sustainable Travel International's Climate Impact API

Kudos Carbon Offsetting Feature Demo

Kudos Travel Technology’s integration with Sustainable Travel International’s Climate Impact API allows companies and individual employees to seamlessly offset their business travel carbon footprint from within the

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Key Takeaways From the Webinar: Betting on Blue Carbon

Sustainable Travel International recently hosted the second webinar in our Road to Net Zero series: “Betting on Blue Carbon.” This session focused on blue carbon, specifically, why it’s so important and how tourism can support the protection and restoration of these valuable coastal ecosystems. Our CEO Paloma Zapata led the...

Though terrestrial forests typically get most of the attention, they are not the only ecosystems that possess a natural ability to fight climate change. Ocean and coastal ecosystems are also highly effective at sequestering carbon dioxide. The carbon that is captured and stored by coastal and marine ecosystems is known...