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Mikoko Pamoja TEDx: Saving the Environment through Carbon Offsets

Josphat Mtwana is the community liaison officer managing the Mikoko Pamoja carbon offset project in Kenya’s Gazi Bay. He has led the project’s transformative work of capacity-building, rehabilitation, conservation, and sustainable utilization of mangrove resources. In this TEDx talk, Josphat talks about how he got involved in this project, the importance of mangrove ecosystems, and the impact on the communities that support this project.
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Webinar Recording – Betting on Blue Carbon: How Tourism Can Protect Coastal Carbon Sinks

A Webinar in the Road to Net Zero Series

Blue carbon ecosystems are often called a “secret weapon” in the fight against climate change. But what makes them so special? How can tourism help regenerate them and unlock their carbon-storage potential? This webinar in Sustainable Travel International’s Road to Net Zero series explores how tourism can support the conservation of mangroves, seagrass, and other blue carbon ecosystems.
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Mikoko Pamoja: People and Mangroves Together

This video provides an overview of the Mikoko Pamoja project supported by our carbon offset portfolio. It explains the importance of mangroves for climate, communities, and biodiversity and threats that have led to their destruction. It also describes how the project protects and restores mangroves in Kenya, while benefitting communities. This includes a first-hand account of a community member who previously cut down mangroves and stopped after the implementation of the Mikoko Pamoja project.