Waste & Water

Waste & Water

Reduce waste and ensure access to clean water

The earth’s resources are precious. Yet we continue to overuse these very resources that we depend on, creating excess waste, pollution and water scarcity. Waste generation and pollution are issues particularly in small islands and developing destinations which often lack proper waste management or sanitation infrastructure. Not only does improperly disposed of waste result in a less enjoyable experience for destination residents and visitors, it also results in harmful impacts on human health and the environment. Fresh water sources are highly susceptible to pollution and overconsumption which frequently leads to water scarcity.

Tourism has the potential to build awareness around the issues and spur sustainable development in at-risk destinations, including waste management and sanitation infrastructure. However, unplanned tourism and excessive tourist consumption also can lead to aggravated waste and water issues in destinations.

Issues We're Addressing

Poor Management of Waste

Water Scarcity

Poor Water Quality

Inadequate Wastewater Treatment

What We're Doing