Travel and tourism has become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries.

Sustainable Management Systems

To help destinations and businesses responsibly plan for tourism development, our user-friendly, cloud-based sustainable management systems allow users to assess, monitor and report on customizable indicators revolving around sustainability planning, business management, environmental resources, supply chain management, economic development, ecosystems and cultural heritage.

System components include a set of linked tools including:

  • A self assessment tool, so that each business or operation can self-score against a comprehensive list of best practices. This tool provides users with an immediate overview of short- and long-term areas for improvement.
  • Project management tools to help destinations and businesses create the basis for their own, stepwise sustainability management plans.
  • Benchmarking and monitoring tools, allowing destinations and businesses to gauge performance on energy-use, waste-reduction, water consumption, sustainable sourcing and their carbon footprint. Data from various businesses is aggregated automatically and presented in rich tables, charts and reports, allowing managers to fully understand the impact of their destination or operation.
  • Sustainability reports that periodically summarize progress and are used for communicating to team members and other stakeholders. Reports can be produced on a quarterly or annual basis.

“Working with Louise at Sustainable Travel International was exactly what we needed. She brought in valuable experience and knowledge and gave us useful advice for our standard. Sustainability in tourism is a holistic task, and you easily get lost in national challenges. An outside professional view on this lifts the perspectives, and has made us much more confident.”
– Ingunn Sørnes, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway