Everyone plays a part in improving lives and protecting destinations

Travel Better

What if we could positively impact the people and places we visit... simply by changing the way we travel?

One of the most remarkable aspects of travel is that each new adventure represents an opportunity to benefit communities and conserve environments in the destinations we visit. With more than one billion tourist arrivals each year, that’s over one billion opportunities to make a difference!  

We're building a movement of one million people committed to traveling better

Many of the destinations we visit are also extremely sensitive ecosystems and other people’s homes.  As visitors to these places, we should protect and respect them as if they were our own.

That’s why over the next 10 years, we’re building a movement of one million people and businesses all committed to traveling responsibly and leaving behind a positive impact in the places they visit.

Whether you’re a passionate globetrotter, bold adventurer, or conscientious business we hope you’re with us!  Together, we can work towards a future where ALL tourism is sustainable tourism.


Take the Travel Better pledge to join our movement and voice your commitment to responsible tourism:

I am committed to PROTECTING and PRESERVING our planet’s most vulnerable destinations so that future generations of residents and visitors can continue to experience the splendor of these places for years to come. I pledge to “Travel Better” by making a conscious effort to:

  • LIGHTEN the footprint of my travels
  • CONSERVE the wild places I explore
  • SUPPORT the people and communities I visit
  • RESPECT the wildlife I see
  • CELEBRATE cultures authentically and respectfully
  • ADVOCATE for sustainable tourism

Responsible Travel Creates Positive Change

If you…

Then you…

Local shop Eat at local restaurants, stay at local hotels, and book with local tour operators

Receive money icon blueSupport jobs and generate income for local community members

No plastic bottle iconTurn off the lights, take shorter showers, and avoid single-use plastics

Conserve local water and energy resources and keep destinations pristine

Ticket booth icon green Pay entrance fees to visit national parks or other protected natural areas

Bird in Tree icon greenSupport the conservation of sensitive environments and native wildlife

VaseParticipate in a cooking class, buy a hand-crafted art piece, or attend a heritage festival

Art set icon orange

Encourage the celebration of local culture and passing down of traditional skills


Discover how you can travel sustainably and leave behind a positive impact

Explore the Issues

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