Overconsumption of Natural Resources

Tourism can put excessive pressure on vital local resources, such as water, energy, and wildlife. We promote sustainable consumption and production to ensure tourism doesn’t deplete the resources that people, animals, and the industry itself rely on.


Freshwater is one of the world’s most precious resources. Yet tourism tends to use more than it’s fair share, guzzling up water for swimming pools, landscaping, and personal uses. This heavy usage is especially problematic in destinations that are prone to water shortages.


Tourism uses a significant amount of energy for heating, lighting, and transporting tourists by land, sea, or air. This intensive electricity and fuel consumption fuel can overburden local energy infrastructure. Not to mention it also generates carbon emissions which contribute to global climate change.


Tourists can inadvertently fuel the unsustainable harvesting of plant and animal resources with their consumption habits. Their voracious appetites for seafood can lead to the overfishing of certain species, while their souvenir purchases can encourage the sale of endangered wildlife products.

How We Safeguard Nature

Discover what we’re doing to protect nature and minimize tourism’s impacts on environments and wildlife.

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