Encouraging Conscious Business

Tourism businesses can drive transformative change for people around the world and play a vital role in protecting our planet.

A tour operator may support host communities by hiring local guides and partnering with restaurants that use locally-grown ingredients. Or a hotel may reduce its environmental footprint by installing water saving devices and eliminating single-use plastics.

These are just a few examples of how tourism businesses can integrate sustainability into their operations and products. By doing this, businesses can contribute to environmental conservation and promote community development in the places they operate. But if businesses employ unethical or careless practices, they can instead be detrimental to people, environments, and cultural resources that their own success depends on. 

The Triple Bottom Line

In order to remain economically viable in the long-run and ensure that destinations thrive, tourism businesses must look beyond profits and focus on the triple bottom line. 


Socially conscious businesses maximize economic benefits for host communities, respect human rights, and support community development.


Environmentally friendly businesses minimize damage to lands and wildlife, invest in environmental conservation, and protect natural resources.


And of course, businesses must make a profit and generate economic growth, while ensuring long-term financial stability and resilience.

What We're Doing

We engage tourism businesses in conscientious practices that contribute to the well-being of the communities and resources they depend on.

Fostering sustainable business practices

We’re catalyzing the way that the tourism industry operates and encouraging businesses to transform their impact. We help businesses adopt environmentally and socially responsible practices that lessen their ecological footprint, uplift local communities, and safeguard the resources that support us all.

Minimizing and offsetting carbon footprints

Because travel relies heavily on energy and transportation, the tourism industry generates a large amount of CO2 and is a significant contributor to global climate change. We help businesses minimize their impact on the planet by identifying ways to reduce their carbon footprint and offsetting the emissions they can’t prevent.

Greening and localizing tourism supply chains

Every tour operator or hotel partners with numerous suppliers, from excursion providers to food suppliers, in order to create their customer experience. We help tourism companies improve the sustainability of their supply chains to ensure their products benefit local communities and prevent environmental harm. 

Partnering with businesses to spread awareness

Our business partners are some of our best advocates and champions, and they play a critical role in growing our movement for responsible travel. We arm our partners with the educational materials and resources they need to spread sustainability awareness and motivate their customers and staff to adopt conscientious practices.

Are you looking to improve the sustainability of your business? Learn more about how we can help you do so.

Businesses can become a member to support our work in destinations around the world.

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