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Achieving carbon neutrality is a journey. Carbon neutral is where your company has counterbalanced any carbon released by reducing or removing an equivalent amount of CO2. In other words, your net contribution to global emissions is zero.

Our carbon neutral solution enables businesses to take immediate climate action and compensate for emissions in real-time while simultaneously working towards long-term goals to decarbonize your operations.

Wind farm and forests reducing carbon

How Carbon Neutrality Works

We help businesses chart the path to carbon neutral through a straightforward process of emissions measurement, reduction, carbon offsets, and communication. Our approach is tailored to where you are at, allowing you to start simple and go more in-depth over time. 

Green icon representing carbon footprint measurement

Step 1

Measure Your Carbon Footprint

The first step on your path to carbon neutrality is measuring the emissions your business already produced. We provide easy tools to accomplish this, including a travel carbon calculator, instruments for tour operators and event organizers, and an API that can integrate into your business’ ERP or booking system. Or, you can simply fill out our data template and we’ll measure your carbon footprint using our proprietary methodology.

A plane flies in the sky, generating carbon emissions as it travels
A green icon representing carbon reduction
An orangutan among the trees and vegetation in the rainforest in Borneo.

Step 2

Offset What You Already Emitted

The carbon you already emitted can’t be reduced. The best way to address that liability is by purchasing carbon offsets from our Climate Impact Portfolio. Like an “actively managed fund,” our portfolio consists of a diverse mix of projects hand-picked to deepen your impact. These projects employ a range of solutions such as forest conservation, renewable energy, and technological carbon removal to address root drivers of climate change. The CO2 removals and reductions created by these projects are verified by stringent standards, ensuring their credibility in neutralizing your footprint.

Icon representing decarbonization progress or emission cuts

Step 3

Create a Plan and Start Reducing

Reducing your business’s carbon footprint is a crucial step on the journey to carbon neutrality. Once your current carbon liability is addressed, we’ll help you cut emissions with targeted planning. We will sit down with you and help you map out a Climate Action Plan that is feasible and impactful. This includes analyzing your operations and coming up with innovative strategies to reduce your CO2 emissions while still ensuring growth.

Solar panels on a building rooftop, a way to reduce carbon emissions
A green icon representing a carbon offset subscription to stay carbon neutral and fight climate change
Young mangroves growing in a coastal area, a type of blue carbon ecosytem

Step 4

Stay Carbon Neutral in Real-Time

Once you have a reduction target, we’ll set you up on a monthly subscription of offsets so you can proactively offset the carbon you can’t reduce. This helps you stay carbon neutral in real-time so you don’t accrue that carbon liability all year long. At the end of the year, we’ll re-measure your footprint to see how much CO2 you generated. Based on this, we’ll “true up” your carbon liability to ensure your entire footprint is neutralized.

Icon representing stakeholder communications and engagement

Step 5

Engage Stakeholders and Communicate Your Impact

Carbon neutrality requires collaboration to catalyze systematic change. Our educational trainings and materials help you engage your employees, customers, and suppliers in climate-friendly practices. These efforts should be accompanied by transparent communication about your progress and achievements. We provide regular updates about the offset projects you support, making it easy to talk about your impact throughout the year. 

Employees discuss the company's net zero emission targets and achievements

“Sustainable Travel International’s expertise on climate change impact and mitigation was invaluable to us when we looked to develop our sustainability travel programs.”

Other Ways to Go Carbon Neutral

Not ready to make your entire business carbon neutral? Explore our solutions for individual products and business activities.

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Make Your Business Carbon Neutral

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