Carbon Neutral Shipping

Make your deliveries carbon neutral by offsetting 100% of emissions from different modes of shipping. Along with mitigating the carbon footprint of your shipments, you’ll provide much-needed funding to projects that are driving climate action and catalyzing positive transformation around the world.

Here's how it works

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1. Calculate your shipping emissions

We’ll conduct a carbon footprint assessment to measure the emissions generated by your shipments, including air, ocean, and ground freight. You’ll receive a report that includes your total footprint as well as the CO2 for each shipment.

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2. Offset into our mixed project portfolio

Make your shipments carbon neutral by purchasing carbon offsets to balance out your footprint. We’ll retire carbon credits on your behalf and provide a certificate verifying your purchase. Your offset dollars will be distributed across our diverse, global portfolio of climate projects.

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3. Communicate your impact

To help you showcase the impact of your offset, we’ll send you a marketing toolkit with details about the projects you supported, including photos and sample social media posts. Use this information to craft compelling communications about your company’s sustainability commitment.

Maximize the impact of your carbon offsets

Your carbon offset purchase will support our carefully curated portfolio of climate projects. This includes a mix of forestry, energy, and blue carbon projects located around the world.

To maximize the impact of your offset, we handpick every project that we include in our portfolio. Projects are carefully vetted to ensure they comply not only with the most rigorous standards for carbon offsetting but also our own due diligence process. In addition to fighting climate change, our projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by creating transformative benefits like improved hygiene, new jobs, increased food security, and flourishing wildlife habitats.

More ways to offset shipping emissions

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Contribute to the Climate

Give back a percentage of your shipping fees to offset carbon.

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Carbon Offsets API

Integrate with our API to power carbon offsetting.

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Interested in learning more?

Contact a member of our Climate Team to learn more about our carbon offset programs for shipping and deliveries.