Carbon Offset: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsets help individuals or businesses compensate for greenhouse gas emissions through sponsorship of activities or projects that avoid release of or contribute to the absorption of carbon dioxide. While one carbon offset credit equates to one ton of emissions reduced or averted, the carbon credits we sponsor always support our mission, and our efforts to connect businesses and destinations. Most of the projects in our portfolio generate qualitative returns outside of Greenhouse Gases. Examples include: protection of forest or grassland ecosystems that support tourism activities in the region while providing access to natural resources, creation of economic opportunities through development of sustainable infrastructure, and alleviation of poverty in developing communities through contribution to UN Millenium Development Goals.

How Do Carbon Offsets Work?

Greenhouse gases (GHG), like carbon dioxide (CO2), are emitted when fossil-fuels are consumed. We all emit CO2 emissions when we drive a car, fly in a plane, use electricity, or generate waste. You can use less energy, travel less, or use public transport, but some emissions are unavoidable. Sustainable Travel International and its partners are focused on increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste, reducing deforestation, and replacing traditional sources of fuel used for energy including coal, oil and natural gas, with clean and renewable sources like wind and solar power.

Where Does My Offset Go And How Can I Ensure The Integrity Of My Investment

All of the projects in Sustainable Travel International’s portfolio have been verified and/or certified by independent third-party organizations. The on-going performance of each project is monitored by the evaluation agencies and their local partners at least once a year throughout the verified life cycle of each project. In this way, Sustainable Travel International only offers offsets that have been verified to at least one of the stringent standards below. To learn more about their respective methodologies of validation please visit their websites. The CDM Gold Standard The Verified Carbon Standard Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance The Plan Vivo Foundation Climate Action Reserve

Is My Investment Tax Deductible

Sustainable Travel International is registered as a non-profit organization and has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. When you make a contribution to Sustainable Travel International for the express purpose of buying Carbon Offsets, you are directing Sustainable Travel International to invest in the amount of Carbon Offsets that you desire on your behalf. They are then retired and taken out of the market. Although this means that you won’t personally own the emissions offsets as your property, you will help to accomplish the desired environmental outcome: cleaner air, and additional renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Upon request, Sustainable Travel International will gladly send you an acknowledgement of your contribution, which is a tax-deductible charitable donation to the extent allowed by law, if you operate a U.S.-based business or if you are a U.S. citizen. Please note that if you contribute directly online, you will receive an automated charitable donation receipt. Consult with your own tax advisor if you have further questions about the tax deductibility of your contribution.