Friend Member Benefits

Friend Member Benefits

$250 annual contribution

As passionate adventurers and conscientious businesses, it’s up to us to protect the destinations we love! As a member of Sustainable Travel International, you will help conserve our planet’s most incredible natural wonders – from soaring peaks to vibrant coral reefs – and support the communities who depend on them. Join our cause and give back to the places you care about by becoming a member today.

As a Friend Member, you will receive the following benefits:

Travel Best Practices Guide

A resource that provides tips and an overview of ways to reduce your impact and
become a more sustainable traveler.

Carbon Offset Discount Coupon

Calculate and offset your carbon footprint using our online carbon calculator. You’ll
receive a coupon code for a one-time, 10% discount - that means you’ll still be offsetting
the same amount of CO2, just for 10% less!

Sustainable Traveler Research

This guide will help you further understand the sustainable traveler and transform your
products/services to fit market needs.

Business Best Practices Guide

A guide that outlines sustainability best practices for tourism businesses and gives
your organization the tools it needs to reduce its footprint on the world.

Text Recognition on Our Website

You or the name of your business will be recognized as members on the
Supporters page of our website with a hyperlink to direct traffic to your website.

Use of Sustainable Travel International Logo

You or your business may use the Sustainable Travel International logo on your website,
social media and/or marketing material. Show the world that you’re making a difference
in the destinations you love!

Member Promotional Toolkit

We will provide you with member logos, graphics, and messaging to help you show off
your commitment to sustainability and promote your participation as a member of
Sustainable Travel International.

Sustainable Business Self-Assessment

Use this tool to self-assess your company’s sustainability performance in areas such as
employment, environmental management, and community development. The results will
help you identify opportunities to improve your organizational sustainability and
communicate your impact to staff and customers.

Become a Member

Join our cause. Together, we can create a better future for destinations around the globe.