Carbon Neutral Hotel Stays

We’ll help you calculate the carbon footprint of your room nights so you can sell carbon neutral hotel stays. By offsetting carbon every month, you’ll make a difference year-round and broaden your impact by supporting a diversified portfolio of climate projects.

carbon neutral hotel stays

Here's How it Works

1. Calculate the carbon footprint of your hotel

We’ll conduct a carbon footprint assessment to calculate your hotel emissions, including facilities, vehicles, and employee travel and commute. You’ll receive a report that includes your property’s total footprint as well as the average CO2 per room night. We’ll let you know the cost to offset so you can incorporate it into your prices.

2. Offset into our Climate Impact Portfolio

Go carbon neutral by offsetting your entire footprint. Offset past emissions right away, or sign up for a custom-built subscription plan to offset every month going forward. Every quarter, we’ll distribute your dollars across a diverse portfolio of climate projects. To help you showcase your impact, we’ll provide a project marketing toolkit and a certificate of the offset.

3. True up at the end of the year

At the end of the year, we’ll conduct another carbon footprint assessment to calculate how much CO2 your hotel actually generated. If you didn’t offset enough, you can buy additional offsets to compensate for any remaining emissions. We’ll also use the assessment results to recalibrate your subscription for the following year.

Maximize the Impact of Your Carbon Offsets

Your carbon offset purchase will support our carefully curated portfolio of climate projects. This includes a mix of forestry, energy, and blue carbon projects located around the world.

To maximize the impact of your offset, we handpick every project that we include in our portfolio. Projects are carefully vetted to ensure they comply not only with the most rigorous standards for carbon offsetting but also our own due diligence process. In addition to fighting climate change, our projects contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by creating transformative benefits like improved hygiene, new jobs, increased food security, and flourishing wildlife habitats.

More Ways to Offset Hotel Emissions

Contribute to the Climate

Give back a percentage of sales to offset carbon.

Embeddable Calculator

Add a transport carbon calculator to your website.

Carbon Offsets API

Offset a pre-determined amount of CO2.


Contact a member of our Climate Team to learn more about our carbon offset solutions for your hotel.

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