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Travel brings us up close to some of our planet’s most stunning natural wonders and connects us with cultures around the globe.

It also has the power to change places and the lives of the people who live there – for better or worse.

Our Mission

Protect and Conserve

our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people

Our Priorities

With your help, we’re taking on tourism’s most pressing and transformative impacts, and working towards a future where travel is beneficial for people and places around the world.

Safeguard Nature

Conserve the fragile ecosystems that tourism depends on

Combat Climate Change

Reduce tourism’s carbon footprint to address the sector’s contribution to climate change

Empower Communities

Celebrate local cultures and improve the livelihoods of host communities

Tackle Waste and Pollution

Lessen the amount of waste and pollution resulting from tourism

Pledge to Travel Better

We’re building a movement of people committed to traveling responsibly and respecting the places they visit. Are you with us?

It Takes All of Us

Sustainable tourism will only become a reality if we all do our part.
That’s why we’re taking a collaborative approach.


We work alongside communities to ensure tourism meets local needs and protects their natural and cultural heritage


We provide guidance to governments and destination managers to help them implement sustainable tourism policies and solutions


We engage businesses in sustainable practices that contribute to the well-being of the communities and resources they depend on


We are building a movement of travelers that advocate for sustainable tourism by equipping them with information to make responsible choices

Protect the Places You Love

It’s up to us – passionate adventurers and conscientious businesses – to defend the destinations we care about. Join us to give back to the places and planet that fuel your explorations.

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Climate Impact Update – Q4 2022

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Sustainable Travel International announces second season of SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: WHERE NEXT? documentary series to debut in September 2023

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A new community sports center opens in Borba, Brazil

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Training Brazilian communities on the art of beekeeping

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Sustainable Travel International releases SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: WHERE NEXT? an inspiring new documentary series that showcases stories of transformation in travel

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Travel Curious Pledges to Offset 150% of their CO2e Footprint

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Reuters Events partners with Sustainable Travel International to make Responsible Business Europe 2022 a carbon-neutral event

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Internova Travel Group enhances its sustainable travel initiative

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‘Sustainable Travel: Where Next?’ Trailer Released

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St. Kitts Resident Survey Shows Local Desire for Community-Centric Tourism

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Sustainable Travel International Joins GLP Films to Introduce a New Storytelling Competition to Support Global Sustainability

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