Transforming travel’s impact on nature and people.

Travel is Incredible

It opens our minds, connects us, and makes the world a smaller place. Done well, tourism is a force for good that lifts communities out of poverty, improves living standards in developing countries, and safeguards the world’s natural and cultural treasures. 

We Keep It That Way

Tourism also accounts for 8% of global emissions, litters the planet with plastic, threatens species, and overburdens communities. We build tools that tackle these issues and enable the travel industry to adopt better practices that leave behind a positive impact.

We Support the Travel Industry’s Climate Action Journey
At Every Step

We help the travel industry address its carbon liability, participate in the global net zero transition, and strengthen its climate adaptation and resilience. Our comprehensive solutions empower travelers, tourism companies, and destination leaders throughout every stage of their climate action journey.


We provide tools to measure the carbon footprint of trips, business operations, and entire destinations.

Climate Action Decarbonization


We offer guidance on ways to cut your emissions and achieve your decarbonization goals.


We identify strategies to minimize impacts and boost resilience in a changing climate.



We offer high-quality carbon offsets to balance unavoidable emissions by financing CO2 mitigation projects.



Our trainings, educational materials, and marketing resources help raise climate awareness and foster stakeholder engagement.

For Travelers

Calculate Your Footprint

Our online carbon calculator uses proprietary methodologies built for the travel industry to measure all aspects of your trip, from your flight to your Uber.

Embeddable carbon footprint calculator mockup for desktop and phone screens
Wind farm and forests reducing carbon

For Companies

Carbon Neutral Business

Our clear, robust, five-step process can transform your business and put it on the path towards carbon neutrality.

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“Sustainable Travel International’s expertise on climate change impact and mitigation was invaluable to us when we looked to develop our sustainability travel programs.”

J.D. O’Hara, CEO Internova

Protect the Places You Love

It’s up to us – passionate adventurers and conscientious businesses – to defend the destinations we care about. Join us to give back to the places and planet that fuel your explorations.

Other Services

For 20 years we’ve been building tools and processes to help businesses and destinations address their impact on the climate and local communities.


Our measurement and transactional APIs allow businesses to measure and offset carbon emissions in real time, at scale.

Destination Consulting

From improving community engagement to developing standards for sustainable resorts, we help destinations improve the lives of their stakeholders and grow visitors.

Climate Action Planning

Once we measure your carbon footprint we can help you begin the process of decarbonization on your path to net zero.

Pledge to Travel Better

We’re building a movement of people committed to traveling responsibly and respecting the places they visit. Are you with us?

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