We’ve developed a suite of solutions that help businesses report on their carbon emissions

Carbon Emissions and Offsets

Rising costs, shrinking resources and pressure to reduce environmental impacts are among the many challenges confronting the travel and tourism industry. To enable businesses to become better stewards of the destinations they serve and rely on, and to help them better demonstrate their commitment to the environment, we’ve developed a suite of tools for carbon emissions management.


Our integrated and effective emissions management solution goes beyond industry best practice and environmental compliance. The offset projects we support are not only verified or certified by credible third-parties for mitigating carbon emissions but for improving social and economic well-being in host countries.

Carbon Emission and Offset Solutions

Carbon Offset Portfolio

Learn more about our approach, and explore the various carbon emission initiatives we have supported around the world.

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Reduce your destination’s vulnerability to climate change, access financing mechanisms, adopt cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and implement a plan that supports low- carbon tourism development.

Low Carbon Tourism Planning


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