Climate Change

Climate Change

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage energy efficiency to lessen the impact of climate change

Global climate change threatens all life on the planet. Floods, droughts, rising temperatures, and high ocean acidity lead to inhospitable habitat conditions and species are struggling to adapt. The ecosystems and basic necessities of water, food, and energy, that support us are at risk. Poor and developing countries are most susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Coastal and island destinations are also highly vulnerable to the threats of rising sea levels and harsh marine environments.

Over-consumption of nonrenewable energy sources and the high level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities such as agriculture, deforestation, and transportation is a leading contributor to climate change. An industry highly reliant on transportation and prone to overconsumption, tourism is a large generator of carbon emissions. If actions aren’t taken to decrease carbon emissions and ensure the industry operates more responsibly, the lasting impacts on the environment and human life will be devastating.

Issues We are Addressing

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Excessive Energy Consumption
  • Reliance on Non-Renewable Energy