Slide A: Introduction to Projects

Projects in Action

The Travel Oregon Forever Fund features seven project beneficiaries selected for maximum destination impact, one from each region of Oregon.

Slide B: Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Redfish Rocks Community Team: Diver Access in Port Orford — This project will establish a safe access point for scuba diving at the port of Port Orford along the southern Oregon coast.

Slide C: Greater Portland

Greater Portland

SOLVE: Portland Metro Park Restoration — SOLVE will host eight volunteer events in parks located in the greater Portland Metro area. These events will directly enhance a park’s environment through the large-scale removal of harmful trash, debris and invasive vegetation and then by planting native, ecologically-appropriate vegetation.

Slide D: Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley

Oregon Wine Country Electric Vehicle Byway Alliance: Plug & Pinot — This project will install new charging stations through the Willamette Valley and build awareness of where you can take your electric vehicle wine tasting.

Slide E: Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon

Elkton Community Education Center: Monarch Butterfly Project — This project will develop an extensive demonstration butterfly habitat at the Elkton Community Education Center. The expanded habitat will support monarch research programs and increase capacity for visitors to enjoy the Butterfly Pavilion and to learn how to create backyard butterfly habitats.

Slide F: Central Oregon

Central Oregon

Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce: Sisters Tourism Directory Kiosks — This project will install traveler information kiosks in the town of Sisters, to inform and direct visitors to the location of trails, green spaces, downtown merchants, restaurants, bike friendly businesses and the arts district.

Slide G: Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood/
Columbia River Gorge

Sandy River Basin Watershed Council: Sandy River Water Trail Recreation and Restoration Guide — This project will develop a new Sandy River Water Trail Recreation and Restoration Guide. The guide will be available in both print and digital editions to engage recreational enthusiasts to experience the Sandy River and to educate visitors on sustainable river stewardship.

Slide H: Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon

Joseph Branch Trail Consortium: Rails with Trails Project — This project will begin building a multi-use non-motorized trail alongside the Wallowa Union Railroad between Wallowa and Union county in eastern Oregon.

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Give Back to Oregon

If you travel in Oregon, you've probably noticed that we're pretty green-minded. From pioneering recycling programs to thoughtful land use laws to bike friendly cities, our commitment to sustainability is everywhere.

The way we see it, if we treat the places we love to see and explore gently, they'll remain available for many years to come.

The Travel Oregon Forever Fund supports projects that preserve Oregon's natural landscapes and cultural heritage for visitors and locals to enjoy. Click on the arrows above to learn more about the current projects.

Please help these efforts by contributing below!

And on your next adventure in Oregon, seek out our Travel Oregon Forever participating businesses. These businesses also make contributions to the Fund and are committed to making Oregon a great destination, now and forever.

Last modified: February 29, 2016

Please contribute today. It's the first statewide program of its kind, and another way to ensure that we'll all be able to Travel Oregon... Forever.

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