Sharing Stories of Destination Stewardship

Introducing The World’s Inspiring Places Video Series

One of the ways we can inspire change and drive transformative action is by exchanging ideas and learning from others. Great things are happening all around us, but we’re not talking about them enough. As part of our efforts, we’re dedicated to sharing stories of the different ways that people, businesses, and destination leaders are protecting nature and safeguarding human well-being in tourism destinations around the globe.

We are pleased to be collaborating with the Destination Stewardship Center to help highlight some of these inspiring stories that have been captured in their new short-form online travel series, titled The World’s Inspiring Places. Created in partnership with Erika Gilsdorf of South Shore Productions, this video series aims to showcase stewardship success stories around the world. Each video will focus on a different location, showcasing the people and travel experiences that are helping to conserve and build upon the destination’s natural and cultural heritage.

The World’s Inspiring Places hopes to make a difference and motivate destination stewardship by:

  • Encouraging travelers to visit, enjoy, and appreciate authentic destinations that protect their nature, culture, and sense of place
  • Helping individuals, businesses, and governments care for these places and the people who live there
  • Informing and inspiring leaders to secure a solid economic future through wise destination stewardship
Peña de Bernal (Bernal Peak), one of Mexico's "Magic Towns," serves as a gateway to the Sierra Gorda. Its namesake monolith is rated one of the world's highest, at 433 meters (1,421 feet) bottom to top. Photo: Jonathan B. Tourtellot

The pilot video of the series, which was recently released, takes viewers on a destination stewardship journey through Sierra Gorda, Mexico. It provides a traveler’s-eye view of the stewardship success story that has turned this impoverished rural area into a global model for community engagement in conservation and ecotourism.

Ready to get inspired? Click here to watch the pilot video and learn more about what’s happening in Sierra Gorda.

For more information on this video series or to learn how your stewardship success story to be featured as the next World’s Inspiring Place, click here.

Header Image: A Sierra Gorda Ecolodge, built by locals at the scenic Cuatro Palos ovelook. Photo: Jonathan B. Tourtellot.

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