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Tourism is at a crossroads – we must choose a different path to build a more resilient, regenerative, equitable and sustainable tourism economy. But how? Business as usual will be the default option, so unless we are intentional about change, we will revert to old models and practices. Instead, businesses and destinations must find their reset button, and utilize all the tools, support, and best practices available.

The Future of Tourism Coalition, and those who have signed up to its 13 Guiding Principles, have set out a vision for the decade ahead. The Coalition is now developing a toolkit based around 3 drivers for transition, where fundamental changes in how tourism is planned, developed, and managed will create the necessary foundations to make our vision a reality:

  1. Destination stewardship and stakeholder engagement: We will discuss innovative forms of governance and collaboration that will enable a more holistic approach to tourism management and development, and bring new skills, resources, and levers for change, to develop resiliency, community contentment, and each destination’s unique intrinsic appeal.
  2. Managing tourism’s impacts: We will discuss new, simple, measures of success that go beyond visitor numbers and overall spend, recognizing the true value of tourism – both its costs and benefits – and understanding how it will contribute to a destination’s health and community wellbeing.
  3. Local and sustainable supply chains: We will discuss local entrepreneurship and product innovation to boost employment and increase the amount of locally owned businesses in the tourism supply chain, to create authentic, positive, low-impact experiences, and to transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

Reset Tourism Webinar Series

The Future of Tourism Coalition will host a series of webinars to explore these drivers for transition, each with a practical focus on what needs to change and how. The webinars will highlight the tools, resources and technical services that the Coalition organizations have available, with a diverse range of speakers bringing real-world examples of alternatives to business as usual.

The webinars are free and open to all. Everyone registered will receive a link to the recording.

  • 25 March 15:00-17:00 GMT – Destination stewardship and stakeholder engagement [register]
  • 22 April 15:00-17:00 BST – Managing tourism’s impacts [register]
  • 6 May 15:00-17:00 BST – Local and sustainable supply chains [register]

Our final webinar will present the full Future of Tourism online toolkit, and begin the collaborative process for building on this with organizations across the Future of Tourism Coalition network.

  • 27 May 13:00-14:30 EST – Time suitable for the Americas [register]


  • 3 June 09:00-10:30 BST – Time suitable for Europe/Africa/Asia. [register]

About the Future of Tourism Coalition

The Future of Tourism Coalition is a collaborative effort to chart a new, more sustainable direction for tourism and shift the status quo. The Coalition is comprised of six non-governmental organizations:

  • The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)
  • Destination Stewardship Center
  • Green Destinations
  • Sustainable Travel International
  • Tourism Cares
  • The Travel Foundation

Launched in June 2020, the Coalition is pursuing a shared global mission: to place destination needs at the centre of tourism’s new future. Through commitment to their 13 Guiding Principles, the greater travel industry and destination agencies can align around a path forward for a more sustainable future for tourism. Learn more at futureoftourism.org.

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