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Soma Enerji Elektrik Üretim Wind Farm

Manisa and Balıkesir Provinces, Turkey

The Soma Enerji Elektrik Üretim Wind Farm Project is a grid-connected onshore wind farm project in the Manisa and Balıkesir Provinces of Turkey. Consisting of 119 wind turbines the site has a maximum power generation capacity of 140.1 MW when fully operational. Annually, the site generates over 450,000 MW of energy. With an expected lifespan of 30 years the Project Activity is expected to continue to realize emission reductions from decreased reliance on fossil fuel burning plants well after the crediting period ceases. Soma – Polat contributes to a local sustainable development by creating jobs in Turkey and the surrounding the region while procuring available services like subcontractors and equipment manufacturing. On-site operations also increased knowledge regarding local development of replicable technology to assist in transfer of similar projects to proximal regions in Turkey. The Project Design Document can be found here.

This is an emissions reduction project that has been sponsored by Sustainable Travel International

Verification: CDM Gold Standard Crediting Period: 2008 – 2029 Projected Annual Emission Reductions: 300,000