Brazil nut collection in Madre de Dios, Peru carbon offset project

Madre De Dios Brazil Nuts

This project reduces deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon by improving forest management and promoting sustainable nut harvesting. This will help protect critical rainforest habitat and endangered species, while supporting the livelihoods of indigenous communities.

Where & Why

The Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon is covered by dense tropical rainforest that is home to spectacular biodiversity. Numerous endangered animals rely on this lush habitat for their survival, including the golden lion tamarin and lowland tapir. In addition, several indigenous communities reside in the forests and are highly dependent on its resources. 

Madre de Dios is one of the regions most affected by deforestation in Peru. In the last fifteen years, more than 490,000 acres of its rainforests were lost. The new Interoceanic highway cuts through this region, connecting the Brazilian Amazon to Peru’s Pacific ports. While this highway increases accessibility, it opens the doors to other environmental problems such as deforestation caused by migrant farmers and illegal loggers. This puts certain native tree species, such as mahogany and cedar, at risk of extinction, and threatens the wildlife and people who live in the region.

How & Who

This project will dramatically reduce deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon and protect approximately 740,000 acres (300,000 hectares) of rainforest. The project aims to reduce pressure on this biodiversity hotspot by improving forest management and increasing the economic value of the healthy forest. To accomplish this, the project supports sustainable Brazil nut harvesting by local farmers. This allows local communities to reap economic benefits from the forest without diminishing its natural integrity. As a result, over 400 families benefit economically from nut production. In addition, the project will improve monitoring and enforcement in the area and train 460 local people on forest protection practices. 

By preventing deforestation of the rainforest, this project reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves an incredibly valuable ecosystem. At the same time, it supports the livelihoods of indigneous communities and creates employment opportunities for rural producers.

Environmental Benefits

  • Conserves over 700,000 acres of rainforest
  • Protects a biodiversity hotspot and vulnerable species
  • Mitigates climate change by reducing deforestation

Community Benefits

  • Protects remote indigenous settlements
  • Boosts local economy and promotes sustainable Brazil nut production
  • Provides training and jobs to local communities

Project Type



Annual CO2 Reduction

2,086,089 metric tons CO2e (estimated annual average)

SDGs Supported

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Bosques Amazónicos

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