Cambodia Clean Drinking Water Filters Carbon Offset Project

Hydrologic Clean Water Filters in Cambodia

This project improves access to safe drinking water in Cambodia by providing water filters to rural families. By eliminating the need to boil water using wood fuel, the project prevents CO2 emissions, reduces pressure on Cambodia’s precious forest resources, and improves indoor air quality.

Where & Why

Water-borne diseases are a major health concern in Cambodia, particularly among young children in rural areas. Untreated water and poor sanitation causes about 10 million cases of diarrhea and 10,000 deaths in the country each year. Most families in Cambodia boil water on wood or charcoal stoves to make it safe to drink. Typically women and girls are responsible for gathering and burning the firewood. This exposes them to harmful smoke which can cause adverse health effects. In addition to affecting respiratory health, this burning process also produces carbon emissions and puts pressure on Cambodia’s precious forest resources. 

How & Who

This project will improve access to clean drinking water and reduce emissions by selling affordable ceramic water filters to rural households in Cambodia. Over the seven year crediting period, water filters will be provided to up to 1.7 million people across a potential 312,000 households. The filters are shown to remove 99.9% of bacteria from water and can produce up to 30 liters of clean water per day.  Families that have water filters in their homes will no longer need to disinfect their water by boiling it. 

By eliminating the need for wood fuel, the project reduces depletion of Cambodia’s forest resources, relieves mothers and daughters from collecting firewood, and lowers household fuel expenses. The use of filters instead of wood burning also lessens indoor air pollution, thereby preventing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the risk of respiratory illness. Plus, since the filters are produced by Hydrologic, a Cambodian social enterprise, the project also generates employment opportunities for local residents.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces depletion of forest resources
  • Mitigates climate change by preventing CO2 emissions

Community Benefits

  • Improves rural access to clean drinking water 
  • Decreases time women spend collecting firewood 
  • Reduces respiratory illness
  • Creates local employment opportunities 
  • Reduces household fuel expenses
Project Type
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Annual CO2 Reduction

89,000 metric tons CO2e

Amount We've Offset

3,500 MT CO2e

SDGs Supported
Verification Standard
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