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Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector of Vietnam

The Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector of Vietnam is an emission reduction project in Vietnam that has been independently verified by The CDM Gold Standard. The purpose of the project activity is to further develop the commercial and structural deployment of domestic biogas to promote the long-term utilization of renewable energy produced in an environmentally compatible and economically viable way.

The project generates emission reductions by leveraging the available resources generated from agriculture to create biogas from renewable animal manure. Each biogas plant is a fixed dome and can range from 4-50 square meters to have a capacity for 20-300 kgs of manure daily. The biogas collected is used to replace conventional fuels like firewood, coal, LPG, kerosene, and can power biogas lamps as an alternative to conventional light bulbs. Once the manure has been digested, it also serves as a nutritious source of fertilizer to return the energy back to the soil.

Over 180,000 biogas plants will be installed throughout 57 of Vietnam’s 63 provinces and over 2,500 permanent jobs will be created in communities by 2018. In addition to its emission reduction activity, the project will generate an alternative to synthetic fertilizers, improve sanitary conditions on farms, improve household air quality, and reduce environmental load on surface waters.

The project received the Humanitarian Award at the World Energy Forum in 2012 and an Ashden Award for Sustainability in 2010.

A Project Description can be found here.

This is an emissions reduction project that has been sponsored by Sustainable Travel International

Verification: CDM Gold Standard

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