Turbines at Big Smile Wind Farm

Big Smile Wind Farm

This wind farm generates enough renewable energy to power over 45,000 homes. By generating clean wind energy, this project reduces the USA’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels and avoids harmful CO2 emissions.

Where & Why

Over 80% of the energy used in the USA is generated from fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal and natural gas. The excavation and processing of these fuels can take an enormous toll on landscapes. The pipelines, access roads and other infrastructure that powers the fossil fuel industry can destroy natural habitats and displace communities.  Acidic run-off from coal mining operations can end up in rivers and streams, polluting drinking water and freshwater ecosystems. 

Fossil fuels are burned to create energy to heat and light homes and businesses, and to power a huge number of other appliances. This burning creates a vast amount of carbon dioxide emissions which are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and increase global warming and climate change.

How & Who

The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge is located on more than 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land in Oklahoma. Sixty-six wind turbines will deliver enough renewable energy to power more than 46,000 U.S. homes. By generating clean, wind energy, the project reduces reliance on environmentally damaging fossil fuels. Careful steps were taken to minimize the environmental impacts of the wind farm and prevent harm to birds, bats, and natural habitats. 

More than 130 people were employed during the construction phase of the project. The ongoing operation of the wind farm will also create 13 new full-time local jobs. Additionally, the wind farm will provide an additional revenue stream for local farmers who are paid to host the turbines on their property. In addition to the lease agreements with landowners, the project will produce increased revenues for local counties through investments in local infrastructure and property tax revenues. 

Environmental Benefits

  • Improves air quality
  • Mitigates climate change by reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  • Reduces land degradation and water pollution caused by fossil fuel extraction

Community Benefits

  • Creates jobs 
  • Provides additional revenues for local communities
  • Increases Investments in local infrastructure
Project Type


Annual CO2 Reduction

339,000 metric tons CO2e

SDGs Supported
Verification Standard
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