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Aliağa Wind Farm

The Aliağa Wind Farm operates thirty-six turbines, each having a capacity of 2.5 MW, in the Aliağa Borough of Izmir, Turkey with a maximum power generation capacity of 90 MW when fully operational. The project site rests on 145 hectares dispersed over three hills and is managed by Bergama RES Enerji Üretim. Annually, the site generates around 275,000 MWh of energy. When developing the project regional estimates targeted an 8% increase in energy demand annually from 2007-2013. The project assists in satisfying the augmenting demand by lowering energy cost and dependence on imported resources like natural gas and oil. Associated works such as wiring is performed by local companies to increase regional technological capacity in renewable energy projects while also stimulating the local economy from additional job opportunities related to operation. The Project Design Document can be found here.

This is an emissions reduction project that has been sponsored by Sustainable Travel International

Verification: CDM Gold Standard Crediting Period: 2009 – 2023 Projected Annual Emission Reductions: 160,000