Partnering Together to Reduce Food Waste in Hotels

We are planning an ambitious new project to reduce the amount of food that is wasted in hotels under the United Nations’ 10 year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP). This flagship project will be supported by UNEP, the 10 YFP Secretariat, and UNWTO the lead for the 10 YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme and will be delivered by a partnership consortium including the Travel Foundation, WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and Sustainable Travel international.

The objective of the project is to reduce food loss in hotels by 20% across five destinations globally by introducing tried and tested techniques. This will result in corresponding reductions in the carbon emissions associated with food production and transportation. The project will create models for reducing food waste which can then be adapted and replicated in other destinations.Salli Felton, Travel Foundation Chief Executive said: “This has the potential to be

a very exciting project, which will support hotels to reduce their food waste and carbon emissions. The project will see us broaden our work on a global scale and proactively contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Tourism Programme. To achieve this we are looking for destinations and hotel chains who would like to get involved in the project and lead the way in sustainable tourism practice.”

Dr Richard Swannell, Director of WRAP said: “This project builds on WRAP’s UK work which has already helped identify why food is wasted in the hospitality sector and helped companies reduce it cost-effectively. We are delighted to be adding our knowledge and expertise to this pioneering global project for hotels as it has the potential to deliver real change to the benefit of the hotels, their visitors and the wider environment. WRAP is committed to helping achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 around the world, and this project is an initial step in delivering this ambitious goal in the hotel sector.”

Dr. Louise Twining-Ward President of Sustainable Travel International, added: “This long-awaited initiative addresses one of the most under researched sustainability issues in tourism—the enormous amount of food waste from hotels. The project has huge potential to drive change, through simple industry friendly solutions that save resources, minimize environmental impact, and benefit local communities.”

The project is expected to be implemented over a 3 to 5 year period and is currently in planning and development phase. If you would like to get involved or find out more, please contact Louise Twining-Ward.

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