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Destination Partnerships

In many of the world’s environmentally and economically vulnerable regions, travel and tourism provides the best—if not only —option for economic development. Unless local communities, governments and businesses are directly involved in the planned growth of a destination so that they can actively participate in the protection of their natural and cultural heritage and the creation of jobs and other opportunities, destinations can end up becoming victims—rather than beneficiaries—of tourism development. Since 2002, Sustainable Travel International has helped nearly 100 destinations to realize the benefits of tourism while safeguarding their economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being.

We work with destination leaders and communities to…

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Businesses Partnerships

We work with businesses from tour operators and hotel owners to resort developers and cruise lines, to ensure that they are actively engaged in the long-term health and well-being of the places and people their businesses depend on. We provide our partners with the guidance and support they need to plan for their future so that they can remain economically viable for the long-term and appeal to the growing number of travelers who demand accountability and transparency.

We help travel and tourism businesses to…

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How we deliver impact

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Participatory Planning

Convene community leaders to evaluate and identify destination risks, and prioritize actions on next steps in a collaborative manner

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Delivering Expertise and Solutions

Leverage Sustainable Travel International’s expertise to deliver solutions such as Training and Capacity Building, Product Development, Impact Monitoring, and Mobilizing Capital

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Measuring Outcomes

Ensure goals are progressing and confirm that project outputs lead to positive outcomes for people and places

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Sharing Lessons

Transfer knowledge across sectors and geographies. Plan for long-term funding and governance.