Denmark: The Joy of Going Green

Did you know that two of the world’s top three sustainable holiday destinations are in Denmark? It’s the vibrant capital city of Copenhagen and Denmark’s second city Aarhus, also known as the city of smiles. 

This film sees us on the road with ex-pat Brit Adrian Mackinder to find out why these green cities are world-beaters. Now a resident of Copenhagen, our host shows us the very best of Danish innovation, determination and creativity – in getting around green, growing, and eating organic – and making the idea of taking personal responsibility fun.  

Discover the secrets of Denmark’s green lifestyle, where locals go swimming after work, restaurants have their own farms, and cycling is more than a mode of transport – it’s a way of life. Let us take you on a journey and show you just how easy it is to choose green when visiting Denmark – the Land of Everyday Wonder. 

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