Earth Day: The Lanzarote Effect

Imagine an island where scarce water brings ancient vineyards to life. Where art, culture and the landscape is celebrated in every household, in every town center. This place is Lanzarote, an island with a story to tell.

If you thought Lanzarote was just sun, sand and sea, think again. Conservation and cultural heritage are embedded in the history of Lanzarote and its people. Through a strong commitment and adherence to sustainable tourism development, this island offers unspoiled views and a visitor experience that leaves a mark on your soul long after you depart.

In honor of Earth Day, we are celebrating the island of Lanzarote, one of seven Canary Islands off of the coast of Morocco.

Over the years, Lanzarote has received global recognition for its advancements in sustainable tourism development. In close partnership with Sustainable Travel International since 2012, Lanzarote became one of the Early Adopters of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Destination Criteria. Since, we have partnered together to refresh their brand values and communications strategy, train public and private sector stakeholders about sustainable tourism marketing, and helped them achieve sustainable destination certification. In 2015, the island became the world’s first GSTC-recognized Biosphere Certified Destination. This certification highlights the island’s exemplary efforts toward mindful tourism development, conservation, and green growth.

While many small islands struggle against the adverse impacts of tourism, climate change, and pollution, Lanzarote has carved a different path. Lanzarote recently launched a new marketing campaign designed to help tell their sustainability story—The Lanzarote Effect. The campaign showcases the stories of local people: stories about their home and way of life. A life that is full of balance, art, nature, and culture. Take a look at some of what they have to say.

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