Climate Impact Update – 2024 Portfolio 3

Our third Climate Impact Portfolio of 2024 supports five carbon offset projects around the world. Read on to learn more about the impact these projects are creating for the climate, communities, and biodiversity.

Carbon offsets purchased from Portfolio 3 of 2024 are distributed across the forestry, energy, innovative climate technology, and blue/teal carbon projects listed below.  

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) by Project Type

A donut chart displaying the percentages for each carbon offset project type within our third climate impact portfolio of 2024

Impact in Numbers

Altogether, these projects are accelerating the net zero transition by: 

white forest icon

Preventing the loss of 3.6 million acres of carbon-rich tropical ecosystems

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Generating 370 GWh of clean energy yearly instead of burning fossil fuels

Creating 1.9 million liters of biochar that removes carbon and locks it in the ground

Restoring over 90,000 acres of peat swamp forest by planting native trees

Explore the Projects

Portfolio 3 of 2024 is composed of five climate projects: Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape Project, Wongphai Bamboo Biochar, Larimar Wind, Envira Amazonia, and Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve.

Read on to learn more about each of these projects and how they are catalyzing climate action around the world.

3.2% of portfolio

Tree icon green



This project helps Tanzania’s indigenous communities safeguard their natural resources and prevent their land from being converted into cropland by encroachers. With a focus on preserving their forested homeland and traditional lifestyles, the project provides the communities with a new income stream and funds social initiatives that improve access to education and healthcare.

0.2% of portfolio

Innovative Technology


Small-scale bamboo farming is a central part of Thailand’s cultural fabric. The country’s long history of bamboo cultivation supports industries such as construction, tourism, agriculture, and fisheries that utilize bamboo materials. When bamboo poles are processed, unusable parts are burned, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. This project repurposes bamboo waste into biochar, avoiding these emissions and creating long-term carbon removals. Bamboo and rice farmers use biochar as an organic fertilizer, improving soil health, boosting climate resilience, and enhancing agricultural productivity.

42.9% of portfolio


Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s booming tourism industry consumes a hefty amount of energy, with fossil fuels accounting for most of the supply. Set in a less developed part of the country, the Larimar Wind Farm utilizes the breezes that blow in from the sea to generate clean, grid electricity. By creating local employment and improving education, job skills, health, and safety, the project fights the inequalities that all too often affect rural communities. The Larimar Wind Farm reduces the over reliance of imported fossil fuels and provides clean energy to homes in the Dominican Republic.

32.2% of portfolio

Tree icon green



Located in the Brazilian state of Acre, the Envira Amazonia Project is protecting an area of tropical forest that would have otherwise been converted for lumber harvesting and cattle ranching. The avoided deforestation prevents emissions and maintains critical habitat for wildlife, while improving the livelihoods of communities living in the vicinity.

21.5% of portfolio

Blue/Teal Carbon


This project is conserving a peat swamp forest in Indonesian Borneo that was slated for conversion to palm oil plantations. Along with protecting this carbon rich ecosystem, the project supports the reintroduction of critically endangered orangutans into their wild habitat. By addressing issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease, the project is tackling the root causes of deforestation while improving local livelihoods.

Offset Carbon to Support Our Climate Impact Portfolio

When you offset carbon with us, you’ll support our Climate Impact Portfolio. Though particular projects vary from one quarter to the next, our portfolio always includes a mix of forestry, energy, blue/teal carbon, and innovative tech projects.

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