Amplify your impact with our revamped membership program

We believe it’s up to each and every one of us to protect the places that make our travel experiences so memorable. We’re constantly striving to propel tourism towards a better, more sustainable future – but we know that we can’t do this without our determined community of supporters by our side.

That’s why we’re SO excited to announce the launch of our new, revamped membership program. 

This new program makes it easier for you – passionate adventurers and conscientious businesses – to transform your impact and give back to the destinations you care about and depend on. 

As a member, you will play a critical role in conserving our planet’s most vulnerable destinations and support the communities who depend on them.  For example, your membership contribution could help us monitor reforestation efforts in Patagonia; conserve damaged portions of the Mesoamerican Reef; or build the capacity of local people around the world who want to make their destination sustainable.

In addition to supporting this important cause, you will receive benefits and resources that will help you leave behind a lighter footprint, showcase your commitment to sustainable tourism, and create a positive impact in the places you explore. 

Whether you’re a passionate adventurer, mom-and-pop eco lodge, or world-class tour operator, we hope you’ll join our movement and defend the destinations you love. All it takes is a gift of just $25 or more. Give back to the places that fuel your explorations by becoming a member today.

To learn more about our new membership levels and benefits, or to join now, click here.

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