Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Improving lives and protecting places through travel and tourism.

Our Belief:

Travel and tourism can protect the world’s natural and cultural riches and create economic opportunity.

Our Strategy:

Because it’s among the world’s largest industries, tourism has the potential to alleviate poverty, hunger, gender inequality and environmental degradation in the world’s most vulnerable regions. But that takes vision, collaboration and a collective road map so that all the relevant players—including government ministries, businesses and community leaders and travelers—have a clear path toward change. In destinations around the world, we bring people together and equip them with tools, support and guidance they need to become change agents, empowered to protect the places they call home.

“Thank you for capturing the past so clearly, the alternatives so widely and laying out the options to plan ahead in such a transparent and structured manner. The skills and issues involved are extremely diverse…you have succinctly caught them all for us to now plan the next stage.”

-Ian Craig, Director of Conservation, Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya