Marc Myers

Marc was born in Zimbabwe and spent most of his life travelling throughout Africa, Europe and the Nordics. He has worked with the tourism industry for the majority of his career starting as a professional guide in Zimbabwe and progressing to lodge management and operations and finally to building and owning his own lodges in East Africa. He is now an experienced tourism consultant with over 15 years of industry based experience throughout Europe and Africa. Marc has worked for a variety of agencies including; tour operators, hoteliers, local authorities, governmental departments, NGO’s, educational bodies, parks authorities, media and marketing firms and destination management organizations. Marc studied Environmental Sciences and then Countryside Management in the UK and gained a Masters in Sustainable Tourism Management in early 2002. During his studies he worked with influential figures in tourism certification based in the Caribbean and East Africa (Environmental Audits for Sustainable Tourism ‘EAST’ and the Kenyan quality standard initiative through the Ecotourism Society of Kenya). Marc’s thesis was titled; ‘The potential development of a tourism certification programme in East Africa’. He is an accomplished sustainable tourism management/development consultant and business adviser; Experienced in private, public and the voluntary sectors. He has particular strengths in planning, research, directing and advising on project/programmes. Areas of ‘key’ strengths include strategic management, tourism development, environmental management systems, benchmarking & indicators, restructuring & strengthening, interpretation, capacity building, problem solving, leveraging in funds and issues-management. Marc is currently the sustainability specialist and senior consultant for Horwath HTL, based in Oslo. The consulting firm Horwath HTL concentrates on working with Hotels, Tourism and Leisure and is the largest specialist consulting network in this sector, with 50 offices in 39 countries.