Laura Tapping

Laura Tapping Headshot

Program Manager, Climate & Resilience

Laura has 14 years of experience in relationship building, primarily in business-to-business roles.  She specializes in carrying out in-depth needs assessments with a diverse range of business owners to understand their requirements and identify opportunities to support them.

Laura joined the team in 2019, and acts as Sustainable Travel International’s carbon management specialist. In this role, Laura works closely with STI’s business partners to identify carbon management solutions that align with their organizational objectives and operational needs. Laura has built relationships with carbon project developers and possesses a strong understanding of the voluntary carbon market. She is dedicated to providing clarity and transparency throughout every communication with new and existing business partners. Laura has conducted carbon footprint assessments for numerous clients within the tourism industry,  including TCS World Travel and Criterion Travel, and explores options for reducing and offsetting their emissions.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and studying for a Masters in Sustainable Development, Laura is passionate about protecting the environment and empowering local communities.  She understands the power created by individuals and businesses when they join forces and actively seek change.

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