Hugh Hough

Hugh Hough began his advertising career as an art director in Madrid in 1980. For 13 years, he worked in around the globe (Madrid, Colombia, New York) in big, international advertising agencies (Ogilvy, Grey) for big, international clients (Panasonic, Ralston-Purina). In 1993, Hugh walked away from mainstream Madison Avenue, and opened Green Team, New York’s first (and at the time only) environmental advertising agency. In the subsequent years, Hugh expanded Green Team’s core capabilities to include social and cause related marketing, progressive brands and travel. On 2007, Green Team opened its first satellite office, in Hobart, Tasmania. Hugh and Green Team have created work for numerous non-profits, including WWF, Environmental Defense, Conservation International, National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute. Green Team travel clients include Scotland, Ecuador, Dominica and Lindblad Expeditions. Green Team also works with a number of major corporations, helping them with their environmental and cause campaign. These include Johnson & Johnson, BP and Coca-Cola. Hugh was recently selected by Al Gore and The Climate Project to be one of 1,000 individuals chosen to present a modified version of Gore’s presentation about global warming, chronicled in the film, An Inconvenient Truth.